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Fixed TV Wall Mount

Fixed TV Wall Mount

The Fixed or Flush TV wall mount brackets are considered the simplest and most durable. It's good for people who want the television fixed to the wall. Fixed TV wall mount brackets can rigidly hold the screen less than an inch from the wall. Since it does not allow movement of any kind, it can hold varying sized of television sets securely to the wall. Once mounted, you will not be able to adjust the angle or turn it in different directions. Be sure you have the right height and angle when you install the wall mount. Being close to the wall, you may want to attach the cables and wires before mounting it to the brackets.

Advantages of Flush TV Wall Bracket

Save space

Frees up floor space

Picture Hanging Style

for a quick and easy installation

Slim Design

Cleaner look and feel to the room

Open Architecture

Hidden cords and wires.

How to Install Flush TV Wall Bracket

How to Install Flush TV Wall Bracket
  • Simple function and easy to installation.

  • The product is cheap and very economical.

  • Simple packaging, suitable for e-commerce.

  • Open structure for better ventilation.

  • The safety screw effectively protects the safety of the TV.

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