Wuhu Xingdian Industry And Trading Co., Ltd.
Wuhu Xingdian Industry And Trading Co., Ltd.

Research & Development

R & D is an important factor in the company's product development. After years of development, we have established an independent R & D team. We follow the strict R & D process to ensure the development of products with dual advantages of quality and price. We are committed to creating custom made TV wall mounts that satisfy every customer.

  • High level skills and services based on the combination of science and technology.

  • Sophisticated manufacturing ensure our products are with the latest technologies, designs and materials.

  • Proven quality management focusing on consumers' and retailers' requirements.

Four Core Capabilities

TV Mounts Appearance Design

Appearance Design

Appearance is the first impression of the product. Usually, appearance is our focus and time-consuming content. We will design the product appearance drawing according to factors such as material, color and shape.

TV Mounts Structural Design

Structural Design

We have three structural designers. Ability to convert product concept diagrams to 3D modeling based on actual conditions. At this step, the basic shape of a product is completed.

TV Mounts Sample Production

Sample Production

We strictly follow the strict product development process. It means that the time required for our sample production will be greatly reduced. Efficient product development is our pursuit.

TV Mounts Parameter Test

Product Parameter Test

We have our own testing laboratory. We can accurately grasp all the data of the sample. In other words, we can keep a firm grip on the quality of the products we develop.