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Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

CNXD custom monitor arm for desk can raise the monitor to the line-of-sight level, improve posture, relieve the pressure on the neck and shoulders, and improve work efficiency. The adjustable arm mount lets your monitor rotate, tilt, and rotate. Freely set your monitor to a custom angle and position, while saving a lot of valuable space on your desktop. Keep your monitor stable, solid structure and stable clip/grommet base provide stable and safe fixation for your monitor. Use the detachable cable clamps on the arm and center bar to keep the power and AV cables clean and orderly.

Custom Monitor Arms Wholesale

  • Articulating Monitor Arm

    Articulating Monitor Arm

    Fully articulated support, which can be tightened as needed to make the arm mobile or stationary. This movement allows the user to freely place the display in the most comfortable viewing position.
  • Gas Spring Monitor Arm

    Gas Spring Monitor Arm

    The durable air spring system ensures that your monitor is easily positioned in any desired position. With a wide range of motion, the display can easily rotate and tilt in any direction.
  • Spring-Assisted Monitor Arm

    Spring-Assisted Monitor Arm

    With the help of high-quality spring auxiliary mechanism, the display can easily rotate and tilt in any direction. Built in spring tension gauge for perfect weight adjustment.

FAQs of Custom Monitor Arms Wholesale

  • Q

    Does CNXD custom monitor arm apply to most monitors?

    This adjustable arm mount applies to displays with dimensions of 13 "- 27" and VESA mode of 75x75mm or 100 x 100mm.

  • Q

    Can the custom monitor arm hide the cable?

    YES. Monitor arms has a removable cable clamp to keep AV cables clean and orderly.

  • Q

    Is the installation complex?

    Easy to install. We provide all necessary hardware and instructions for assembly.

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