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TV Mount Solutions

As a professional TV wall mount bracket manufacturer, CNXD is committed to providing professional audio visual equipment installation solutions. We have been in this industry for over 20 years. After all these years of development, we have become a supplier of many excellent brands. Different kinds of TV mounts and stands are our advantageous products. Our products have very broad application prospects and are suitable for almost all indoor environments.

TV Mount Solutions in Education


The mobile cart enables the teaching equipment to move freely. It can greatly improve the teaching efficiency.
TV Mount Solutions in Business


The heavy cart can effectively carry large demonstration screens. It makes work more convenient and improves the quality of work.
TV Mount Solutions in Custom


Customization is one of our basic services, but there is a minimum order quantity limit. We will provide the best customized service to our customers.
TV Mount Solutions in Health Care

Health Care

The equipment installation scheme provided by us can effectively protect medical equipment. Enable safe and convenient movement of medical equipment.
TV Mount Solutions in Entertainment


Our adjustable TV mount is the most widely used in home entertainment. You can change the viewing angle of the TV at will, so that every seat can become the best seat.
TV Mount Solutions in Hospitality


Clean and beautiful in hotel guest Room and lobbies is the biggest consideration. tv brackets can hide wires, making the room simple and beautiful.