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Quality Control

Check the goods according to the professional checking process and related quality requirements of the products. In the checking process, the product quality requirements of the customers are strictly observed, to ensure that all quality inspections can meet the quality requirements and objectives of the customers. Effective communication with customers, especially on product quality issues, putting customers ‘requirements and interests first. For new or previously untouched products, we learn about the functionality and other features of the product in advance. Perform checking actions correctly in accordance with the latest checking standards to meet customer needs.

  • TV Bracket Quality and Safety

    [01] Quality and Safety

    Quality is the first consideration in our production. We guarantee product quality and service life at the same time. Put the protection of customers' TV and audio-visual equipment first.

    Quality and Safety
  • DVD Mounts Standards

    [02] Standards

    Our factory has passed ISO9001 certification. Some of our products have passed UL and TUV testing.

  • TV Bracket QC System

    [03] QC System

    We have strict quality control over our self-produced parts or purchased parts. We'll check it again after the product is finished. This is the secret of quality control.

    QC System
  • TV Wall Mount Laboratory

    [04] Laboratory

    In addition to internal quality control from production to inspection. We also have our own laboratory for load capacity testing, certification or pre shipment inspection.

  • Monitor Arms Materials

    [05] Materials

    The materials used to make the product are extremely important. We promise never to save money on materials, we only use the best quality steel for production.