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Mobile TV Stand

Mobile TV Stand

As the name suggests, the biggest advantage of mobile TV cart stand is its mobility. Simple structural design but brings comprehensive functions. It is widely used in families, offices, meeting rooms, restaurants and hotels. Locking casters makes mobile TV cart stand easy to move and stop at will. Some models have height adjustment and angle adjustment functions. It is the most ideal display solution. Welcome to contact CNXD-a preferred mobile tv stand factory for the price.

Why Choose CNXD Mobile TV Stand Factory

Free tilt design

Easy angle adjustment to get better viewing effect and reduce glare

Caster with locking mechanism

It can be moved or stopped at will

Cable management

Keep everything organized

Equipment shelf

Provide more storage space for accessories

CNXD Mobile TV Bracket Wholesale Advantages


A mobile TV bracket can be achieve to move your TV wherever you need it.


CNXD mobile TV holder can accommodate a wide range of TV sizes and brands, which is cost-effective.

Height adjustability

CNXD mobile TV bracket features of height adjustability, allowing your preferred viewing height. 

Cable management

Some mobile TV brackets can help keep cords and cables neat and organized.

How to Install Mobile TV Cart Stand

How to Install Mobile TV Cart Stand

As a professional tv mount supplier, we provide tips of installing mobile tv bracket for you.

  • Decide where to place your TV.

  • Assemble mobile TV stand

  • Move the mobile TV stand to the place you want to place it.

  • Install the TV to the mounting plate.

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