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CNXD Custom TV Stands & Brackets OEM ODM

Since the advent of flat panel TV, the placement of TV has become a part of home decoration. TV wall bracket makes TV as attractive as a picture, and TV cart makes it possible for TV to move freely. At the same time, it saves a lot of space. There are many different types of TV mounts and TV stands on the market, as well as many suppliers. Unlike other trading companies in the market, we are the source of product production and can better control the quality and price of products. Our factory has passed ISO9001 certification and is absolutely guaranteed to provide you with satisfactory service.

CNXD Custom TV Stands & Brackets OEM ODM

More about CNXD TV Stands & Brackets OEM Services

CNXD has been established for more than 24 years, and we have been in the TV mount industry for nearly 20 years. After so many years of development, our production capacity has reached an annual output of 1 million TV brackets and 100,000 TV carts. We have a factory building of nearly 20,000 square meters in Wuhu. We welcome guests to visit our factory. Whether you choose custom made TV wall mounts or other products, CNXD will not disappoint you.

TV Stands Design

Product Design

Before product design, we will fully communicate with our customers. Determine the appearance and structure of the product to meet customer needs. This is an important part of customization of products.

TV Stands Sample Manufacturing

Sample Manufacturing

We will produce the samples our customers need at the fastest speed. Of course, the quality of the sample is guaranteed. Usually, this stage will take a lot of time.

TV Stands Testing

Product Testing

To ensure the absolute safety of the product in use, we will carry out various tests of the product in the laboratory. This is our basic guarantee for product safety.

TV Stands Packing Design

Packing Design

Not only simple packaging design, but also English manuals and other accessories. We promise that each individual package will contain the accessories required for professional installation.

TV Stands Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

After completing all the above steps, the next step is to enter the production link. We will deliver the product to the customer within the agreed time.