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Standing Desks

Standing Desks

Switching between sitting and standing during a long workday has many health benefits for the body, such as increasing blood flow and reducing pain. A rugged standing desk can easily accommodate multiple monitors and/or laptop and monitor combinations. Ergonomic design, height can be adjusted. Allows ergonomic viewing and typing angles. With removable keyboard tray. If you only need the top surface to fit your workflow, the keyboard platform is removable. Portable design makes it possible to have a height-adjustable workstation in any location. You can leave the chair freely, relieve muscle tension, reduce pressure, and improve work efficiency.

Types of Standing Desks

  • LD001 Laptop Desk

    LD001 Laptop Desk

    LD001 Laptop Desk: The LD001 is one of our most sell well Laptop Standing Desk. Manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy. Net weight:1.5KG. Dimensions:420mmx270mmx (40-480) mm. Height: 40-480mm

FAQs of Standing Desks

  • Q

    Can you adjust the height to any place you want throughout the range, or does it have preset height settings?

    You can adjust it to any height within the range.

  • Q

    Is the product complex to assemble?

    The product does not need to be assembled by customers and can be used after it is received.

  • Q

    What material is the standing desk made of?

    This desk is made of steel and particle board and we also provide aluminum adjustable laptop stand.

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