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TV Mounts

TV Mounts

Wall brackets normally go hand in hand with a TV. Many people are opting for LCD televisions and TV bracket manufacturers are following closely behind with an array of wall mounts to choose from. To appreciate the nature of the brackets and the way it functions in conjunction to the television, we should get an idea of the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television. It is a flat panel screen that basically uses the same LCD technology found in cell phones and computer monitors and can be made very thin.

The flat and thin aspect provides the opportunity of hanging or mounting the LCD TV on a wall or ceiling through wall mounts. Television sets come in different sizes and weights, and as expected, as one of the professional TV wall mount wholesale manufacturers, CNXD concentrates on TV wall mount design to meet the varying sizes and weights. Most people prefer mounting them on walls for better viewing. There is a broad range of wall mounts to fit a specific television brand and model, and there are also generic types that can fit any model within defined sizes and weights. Most, if not all types are easy to install. Here are some types to consider when you get your LCD television.

Different Types of TV Mount Bracket Wholesale

FAQs of CNXD TV Wall Mounts Wholesale

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    About TV brackets wholesale packing

    As a specialized TV wall mount wholesale supplier, we use five-layer cardboard boxes for both internal and external box packaging, and use cushioning material inside the product to reduce any risk arising from shipping. CNXD can customize and design the box instructions according to the customer's needs, but this usually has a minimum order quantity. As a professional TV mount supplier, we have a professional quality control team that will test the product packaging before shipping.

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    How to best buy TV wall mounts wholesale at factory price?

    As a TV wall mount bracket manufacturer, CNXD offers ladder quotations for TV brackets wholesale and customers can often get more discounts on larger orders. We run dedicated production assembly lines for large orders, which means faster delivery and better quality. All components of TV wall mounts wholesale are manufactured in-house at our factory, and we can offer the preferred price among the TV mount suppliers.

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    How long can I receive the wholesale TV mounts ? Does CNXD provide OEM samples?

    The lead time depends mainly on the order volume of TV brackets wholesale and the communication with the customer, which is about two to three months. Basically orders will be completed within the delivery time requested by the customers. As a certified TV wall mount bracket manufacturer, CNXD has two factories with close to 30,000 square meters of production plants, we will only advance the delivery time, and we can provide free samples for interested customers.

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    How can I choose different types of wall mount brackets for my TV?

    There are two main parameters to be fitted:

    1.  Declared load weight of TV stand - the weight of a TV without a stand should not exceed the declared weight of the TV mount.

    2. Back screen connection hole pattern measurement (VESA) - the distance between the four connection holes on the back of the TV shall not be greater than the distance of the TV mounting bracket. The maximum VESA pattern supported by the TV stand is shown on the stand specification.

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    Can I mount a TV on any wall?

    Important: for your safety and product protection, the wall you choose should be able to hold four times the weight of the TV.

    The wall you select should fit your viewing preferences. Here are some considerations:

    • Installation height: placing the TV at the line of sight level between the TV screen is usually the preferred viewing height and position.

    • Lighting conditions: light from windows and lamps may cause glare on the TV screen.

    • Viewing distance: the distance sitting in front of the TV is also an important part of optimizing the viewing experience.

    • Corners and non - flat surfaces: these types of surfaces may require specially designed mounting

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    Why get a tilt TV mount?

    In addition to being clean and beautiful, the inclined wall installation also allows different degrees of vertical adjustment. If your TV is above the best viewing level, this is the best choice, allowing you to tilt the screen down when watching your favorite programs to protect your cervical spine. Choose CNXD as your trusted partner for custom tilt tv wall mounts wholesale needs.

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    Will CNXD mounts hold the stated weight?

    Yes, the CNXD mount has been tested to withstand 3 and 4 times the specified load capacity. In order to ensure absolute safety in actual use, CNXD stands out as a reliable tv mount supplier, we strictly limit the rated capacity of tv wall mount wholesale.

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