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  • 32 tv ceiling mounts wholesale
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  • 32 inch tv ceiling mounts wholesale
  • 32 tv ceiling mounts wholesale
  • tv ceiling mounts wholesale 32 Inch
  • 40 Inch tv ceiling mounts wholesale
  • 40 tv ceiling mounts wholesale
TV Ceiling Mount

Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount

TV ceiling mount has very favorable price and reliable quality. It can provide very convenient commercial mounting solutions for most scenarios. The telescopic pole design allows you to select the desired viewing height. The functions of rotation and tilt allow you to get the best viewing angle. The above features make it a perfect installation solution.

WMX008 Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount Features

  • Telescopic pole design: controllable height adjustment

  • Free tilt and rotation design: get the best viewing angle

  • Cable management: keep everything clean

WMX008 Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount Specifications

Product Category:TV Ceiling Mount
Surface Finish:Powder Coating
Color:Fine Texture Black
Fit Screen Size:32''-65''
Fit Curved TV:no
Mounting Hole Pattern:
Max. VESA:600x400
Weight Capacity:55kg(121lbs)
Tilt Range:+15°~-15°

Adjustable Heavy-Duty TV Ceiling Mount For Flat Screens

CNXD heavy-duty TV ceiling mount is a great option for situations where you want to suspend a TV from the ceiling securely. This adjustable ceiling TV mount WMX008 is commonly used in commercial settings, such as bars, restaurants, conference rooms, or retail stores, but it can also be suitable for residential applications, especially for large TVs or when wall mounting is not feasible or desired.

How to Choose Ceiling Monitor Mounts

When choosing a heavy-duty TV ceiling mount, there are a few important factors to consider:

  1. Weight capacity: Ensure that the mount you select is capable of supporting the weight of your TV. Heavy-duty mounts typically have high weight capacities.

  2. VESA compatibility: Verify that the mount is compatible with your TV's VESA mounting pattern. VESA refers to the standardized hole pattern on the back of the TV that allows for attachment to mounting brackets. Most mounts support a range of VESA sizes.

  3. Ceiling structure: Assess the ceiling structure where you intend to install the mount. Heavy-duty ceiling mounts require secure attachment to a solid ceiling structure, such as joists or beams. Ensure that the mount includes appropriate hardware for your specific ceiling type.

  4. Adjustability: Consider the adjustability options offered by the ceiling wall mounts. Depending on your needs, you may want an adjustable ceiling TV mount that allows for tilting, swiveling, or extending the TV from the ceiling to achieve the desired viewing angle.

  5. Cable management: Look for a mount that provides options for cable management. This will help you hide and organize the cables running from the TV to other devices or power sources, creating a cleaner and more professional look.

  6. Installation: Take into account the complexity of the installation process. Heavy-duty TV ceiling mounts often require more effort and expertise to install compared to standard wall mounts. If you're not comfortable with the installation, it's recommended to hire a professional to ensure proper mounting and avoid any damage or safety hazards.

It's crucial to follow the instructions and guidelines of tv mount supplier when installing and using a heavy-duty TV ceiling mount. If you have specific requirements or concerns, consulting with CNXD, we have various of mounting systems from all kinds of flat panel display TV mounts:

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