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Precautions for Installing TV Hanging Rack

If you are afraid that the TV cabinet will be damaged by nailing it to the wall, then you can consider using a TV mount to support your TV. TV mounts are very common in the market, so it is very simple to buy a TV mount. The difficulty is that many people don't know how to install TV mounts, so let us teach you!

Ⅰ. How to install the TV hanging rack?

As a responsible and reliable video wall mount manufacturer, we would like to share with you the installation steps:

1. Before installing the TV hanging rack, carefully check the bearing capacity of the wall. The interior walls of the compartments of many rooms are all hollow, and the wall-mounted TV cannot be installed at all, so the TV can only be placed on the cabinet to watch.

The load-bearing capacity of the installed wall should be guaranteed to be no less than 4 times the actual load-bearing capacity of the TV. After installation, the TV should not fall over when it is tilted forward and backward by 10 degrees.

2. The installation environment is also very important. First of all, we look at the indoor humidity. No matter what brand of TV it is, it cannot be in a humid environment for a long time. Because many TVs do not have waterproof protection, the interior of the heat dissipation grid The circuit board will be in direct contact with the outside air, and the installation position of the TV hanging rack is too close to the moisture will damage the machine; in addition to the air humidity, it also depends on the installation position of the TV hanging rack. Generally speaking, the distance for watching TV should be at least the diagonal corner of the display screen 3 to 5 times the distance.

3. The purchase of TV hanging racks is extremely important. Everyone knows that TVs are much lighter than traditional CRTs. However, if the installation is not good, it is still very likely to fall from the back wall, and the consequences are very serious. When choosing a TV hanging rack, you should choose a suitable wall bracket, and its strength and durability must be guaranteed.

4. TV hanging racks need to be classified according to the type of wall. Different walls need different installation methods. If you need to install wholesale TV mounts on an ordinary brick wall, you only need to punch holes in the wall with an impact drill, then insert a plastic expansion tube, and finally fix the TV rack hanging with screws and hang the TV.

5. If it is a board wall, then you need to first select the positioning of the TV hanging rack. First, use a utility knife to punch a small hole at the fixed position, and then put a 2cm thick long wooden slat on the TV rotating hanger. Make the self-tapping screw pass through the gypsum board and enter the wooden slat during self-tapping, so that the force-bearing area is increased. As you may have interest, we also have dvd player holder for wall for sale.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the installation of TV hanging racks

1. When choosing a TV hanging rack, you should pay attention to whether the TV holes are regular, whether there are four holes, and whether they are rectangular or square.

2. When choosing a TV hanging rack, there are many choices, which are generally divided into ordinary non-adjustable hangers, ordinary adjustable hangers, single cantilever hangers, double-arm hangers, etc. We must be careful when choosing.

3. The installation of the TV hanging rack is also a very important issue. You need to find a professional to install it, or have a professional to guide you, so as to avoid some safety problems.