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An Excellent Television Mount Solution

An excellent set of Television mount solution aims to maximize work efficiency, meet more work requirements, and make work more efficient through the powerful functions and features of the brackets. So, for Television mount brands, don't ask which brand of Television mount is good, now we will show you a powerful and classic Television mount solution.

High-strength zinc-aluminum alloy material makes the bracket extremely stable, and the sturdy base infrastructure can provide strong protection for assets in case of emergencies. At the same time, the base area of the bracket is much smaller than that of ordinary bases, which can also make use of the space under the display and save space.

Human ergonomics design of Television mounts

The comfort of operators plays an important role in productivity, maintaining performance, and improving key task decisions, so ergonomics must be considered in any industry. Television mounts apply the latest ergonomic standards to all product designs, focusing on people, conducting unified research on the overall, creating a work environment that is most suitable for operation, and coordinating with each other. Under the premise of reliability and safety, create the best man-machine relationship.

Main material of Television mounts: Zinc-aluminum alloy

It is not ordinary aluminum alloy material, but zinc-aluminum alloy material. In terms of material cost, zinc-aluminum alloy is two to three times more expensive than aluminum alloy. Nowadays, many companies want to replace zinc-aluminum alloy with aluminum alloy to save costs, but some are irreplaceable because the strength, hardness, and formability of zinc-aluminum alloy are much better than aluminum alloy.

Zinc-aluminum alloy has a low melting point, a small solidification temperature range, is easy to fill and shape, has a small tendency to shrinkage, can die-cast complex and thin-walled precision parts, has a smooth casting surface, and high dimensional accuracy; low casting temperature, long service life, not easy to stick to the mold, non-corrosive, greatly increasing the Television mount's service life. Moreover, the mechanical properties of zinc-aluminum alloy at room temperature are also very high, especially its compressive strength and wear resistance.

Television mounts with multi-axis universal rotation, exploring unlimited possibilities of space

The torsion bearing design of Television mounts supports up and down hovering and height adjustment, pitch adjustment, and arbitrary adjustment. It is far ahead of many monitor cantilever brackets, with 360° free rotation, and free switching between landscape and portrait modes; the single-arm horizontal rotation can reach180°, and the single-arm joint(forearm) can rotate left and right by not less than90°, a truly rotatable TV mount.