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Common Types of TV Mounts and Installation Options

TV is more common in daily life. With the continuous development of science and technology, various types of LCD large-screen TVs have come out one after another. Although it is also convenient to watch videos on mobile phones, it is still more warm to watch TV together as a family.

Ⅰ. Several common types of TV mounts

Although it is said that the TV industry has been greatly impacted by the widespread application of projectors, TVs are the most commonly used home appliances in families. Most families still retain the status of watching TV. After all, there is no TV in the living room. What is missing, there are many ways to fix the TV now.

1. Mobile

Through a series of mechanical structures, the front and rear, up and down, and tilt changes of the TV can be realized. This type of TV stand is flexible and can increase the viewing range of the TV.

2. Fixed

As the name implies, it is directly fixed on the wall, and can only be viewed directly in front of the TV, and the tilt angle can be adjusted. Among different types of tv wall brackets, the fixed wall tv bracket is more stable and safer than the mobile type, but the flexibility is almost inferior.

3. Other

Some other special scenarios, such as conference rooms, will not be discussed here.

Ⅱ. The installation choice of TV mount

We are a professional tv mounts supplier dealing with China tv stand and are worthy of your trust.When the TV is installed on the wall, do you know how to choose the TV mount? I will teach you today.

1. You must know the size and weight of your TV, because when you buy a TV stand, you choose it according to the size and weight of the TV. The TV stand can't be too big or too small. It is impossible to ensure whether the TV can be stably hung. Whether it is in terms of aesthetics or practicality, it is necessary to choose a suitable TV mount.

2. It is very important to confirm whether the display supports it. Be sure to ask clearly before buying.

3. The material of the TV mount, the material is another important factor we consider. When purchasing a TV mount with a good material, there is not only no need to worry about accidents, but the quality is also trustworthy.

4. Consider your own needs. At present, there are different types of TV mounts on the market, such as fixed TV mounts, angle-adjustable TV mounts, etc., and choose and buy according to your own needs.

5. When purchasing a TV wall mount, you should consider the convenience of maintenance and repair of the TV after installation. It is easy to disassemble on the premise of not destroying the installation surface and mounting frame. DVD stand wall mount is also popular.

The above points are the selection points that you can refer to when choosing a TV stand. I hope it can help you. If you need it, you can also contact us.