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Different Types of Cost-Effective Monitor Holders

Ⅰ. The magic of monitor bracket

For heavy computer users, facing the computer for a long time will definitely cause compression and injury to the cervical spine and shoulders. Over time, it is normal to suffer from cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder if you are not careful.

In life, many people will change the distance and height between us and the computer screen by adjusting the sitting posture or buying a height-enhancing stand. Although this method is effective, it is very weak, and the distance cannot be adjusted, and it will be troublesome to change the height of the display.

The magic of the monitor bracket is that after installation, the monitor can be adjusted in multiple dimensions such as left and right, height, tilt, and rotation. This is the most suitable tool for people who work with computers every day. It can effectively protect the eyes, neck, shoulders, arms and other parts. It helps the user to improve the sitting posture, improve the comfort of the cervical vertebrae, and at the same time, it can also play the role of a table for receiving milk. If you may have interest, we also provide service like custom monitor arm.

Ⅱ. Introduction of different types of monitor bracket

As one of the leading tv bracket suppliers, we believe that the classification of monitor holders is actually very simple. According to the installation method, it can be divided into three types: table clip type, perforated type and wall-mounted type.

1. Desk clip type: By fixing the bracket base and the edge of the desktop, most computer desks can be installed, which is also the most common installation method.

2. Perforated type: By drilling holes on the desktop, the display bracket base and the holes are fixed by screws to play the role of installation. This method is more suitable for old-fashioned desks or computer desks with reserved holes on the desktop itself.

3. Wall-mounted: As the name suggests, it is a bracket installed on the wall. The bracket is better hidden. Generally, LCD TVs at home use more wall-mounted brackets.

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