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How High is the TV Hanging Rack Generally Installed from the Ground?

I believe everyone is already familiar with TV brackets. We know that TV brackets serve LCD TVs and flat-screen TVs. These two types of TVs do not look good if they are placed on TV cabinets, so TV brackets are generally used. On the wall, it can not only reduce the waste of space, but also look good, so today we will introduce some information on the installation height of the TV hanging rack and the TV viewing distance.

Ⅰ. The feeling height of TV hanging rack installation

The installation height of the wall-mounted TV and the installation height of the LCD TV should be calculated based on the overall factors of the room, furniture and users to provide a good experience. Generally speaking, the simplest measurement method is to sit on the sofa and look up. The height of the TV core shall prevail.

After determining the size of the LCD TV, determining the installation height of the TV is actually to determine the installation height of the TV wall. In simple terms, the core line of the LCD screen of the TV is flush with the human eye after the person is seated, slightly higher than 10~20cm, and the angle between the vertical normal of the display screen and the line of sight is less than 15 degrees. 

It also depends on the height of the sofa. It is better for the position of the TV to be slightly lower than 5 to 10 cm when you are sitting up. The core point is about 1.3m above the ground. It is an ideal height, and more importantly, it can keep the eyes from fatigue when watching for a long time. Since we also own a mobile tv stand factory, we can provide you with satisfying products.

Note: The height range of the TV installation is 1/3~2/5 of the total height of the TV wall. The width of the TV is generally about 1/4 of the TV wall. If the user usually likes to watch TV while lying down, he has to adjust the TV viewing distance and angle according to the actual situation. CNXD provides hanging dvd player shelf for customers.

Ⅱ. Location selection of TV hanging rack

Generally, the TV hanging rack must have a certain space when it is installed. There needs to be a space for heat dissipation on the back of the TV, up and down, left and right, and there must be at least 15 cm between the TV hanging rack and the TV wall.

The installation height and viewing distance of the TV in different places: the height of the home wall-mounted TV can be kept at 0.9~1.1 meters; the hanging height of the shopping mall should be about 1.6 meters, and the wall-mounted TV should be about 1.3 meters; the hospital hall should be suspended at about 1.6 meters ; The wall hanging in the ward should be about 1 meter, which is an ideal height. DVD stand wall mount is also a popular kind product.

The TV viewing distance is directly related to the size of the TV. Generally, the viewing distance is at least 3 to 5 times the diagonal distance of the display screen. The reference size distance is as follows: 32 inches needs about 2m; 37 inches needs about 2.4m; 40 inches needs about 2.5m; 42 inches needs about 2.7m; 47 inches needs about 3m; 51 inches needs about 3.3m.