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How Tall is Appropriate for the TV Mount

The TV mount height is the angle between the vertical normal of the display screen and the line of sight < 15 degrees. The installation height should be suitable for the user to sit on the stool or sofa and look down at the TV Center (or slightly lower). Generally, the center point of the TV is about 1.3m from the ground. Such viewing distance and angle are most suitable for users to sit on the sofa and watch TV. If users usually like to lie down and watch TV, they have to adjust the TV viewing distance and angle according to the actual situation. We own a mobile tv stand factory, so we are confident about the quality of products.

Since we are a China tv stand company. After determining the size, the installation position of the flat-panel TV should also be cared for. Different sizes and installation methods will affect visual enjoyment. Inappropriate location is easy to make users' eyes uncomfortable in the process of watching TV, and their eyesight can also be affected. For example, the height of a 42-inch flat panel display mount is about 60cm. The best height for installation should be 130cm-30cm = 100cm. 30cm is the center position of the flat-panel TV, so 100cm is the ground clearance below the flat-panel TV. At this time, when users watch on the sofa, the height of the TV is also appropriate. And our products also include dvd player wall mount stand.

The installation location is undoubtedly a problem that users often consider when they buy back the TV, but they often ignore the scientific method to solve it. The correct TV mount height not only makes users comfortable to watch but also does no harm to users' vision.