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How to Choose a Monitor Bracket?

1. Determine the needs of the monitor bracket

Choose according to the number of monitors at home. If there is only one monitor, you can directly choose the single bracket arm. If you are going to set up dual screens, you can buy dual bracket arms. If you plan to use multiple screens, you can buy multiple bracket arms or support arms that can be installed.

Pneumatic and mechanical two principle options:

The biggest difference between the pneumatic type and the mechanical type is that the gas spring has a light structure, a large working stroke, and a relatively stable and smooth operation. The mechanical type is not as smooth and smooth, on the contrary, it will feel a little resistance, but the mechanical type has a longer service life.

Speaking of the mechanical principle, when you need to adjust the screen during use, you only need a little force to complete it, which is much easier than a gas spring.

As a professional TV mount supplier, CNXD gives buying suggestion: If the monitor bracket has the conditions, it is preferable to choose a good brand. The quality and experience are both excellent, but the price is relatively expensive.

2. Pay attention to the size and weight of the monitor bracket

Here we should focus on figuring out the size and weight of your own monitor. Large-sized monitors are not only bulky but also heavier, and there are many differences in the load-bearing capacity of different monitor holders.

Most monitor holders support monitors under 32 inches, but if the weight of the monitor exceeds the heavy range of the monitor holder, the head will be countersunk (that is, it will not function as a support, and the monitor will fall down by itself).

Purchase reminder: Be sure to determine the size and weight of your monitor before you choose to find a suitable monitor bracket.

3. Multi-dimensional adjustment angle of monitor bracket

Products of the same brand and different types of brackets will have certain differences in angle adjustment, not to mention different brands. Think about what angles you need to be able to adjust. A lot of products look the same, but there are big differences in angle.

Some merchants don't make it clear, and if you wait until you buy it back and find out, you can only choose to return it. When choosing, look carefully, it is best to choose a multi-dimensional adjustment.

Purchase reminder: If the horizontal adjustment, vertical adjustment and multi-dimensional adjustment are unclear, choose the expensive one. Generally, cheap goods will be adjusted in one direction, and the stretching range is also limited. Friends who want to buy monitor arms wholesale, welcome to contact CNXD!

4. The thickness of the monitor bracket desktop

The thickness of the table is not uniform, but the installation of the monitor bracket has a certain range limit on the thickness of the table, and the general supported thickness range is 10-90mm.

If your computer desk is relatively thick, there is a way to solve this problem. You only need to buy a one-word connecting strip on the Internet to lengthen it. We also have dvd wall bracket for sale.

5. VESA hole for monitor bracket

Installing the monitor bracket needs to be connected by screws. Conventional monitors have VESA holes when installing the original bracket. The distance of this hole is internationally standardized, and there is no inconsistency.

Check to see if there are VESA holes on the back of your monitor. Some are hidden and you need to remove the base to see them. Some monitors are really not available, if there is no X-type conversion accessories that can be purchased additionally, it can also solve the problem of inability to install.