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Installation Method and Precautions of LCD TV Wall Mount

Now everyone's home TV is a flat network LCD TV. This kind of TV is usually hung on the wall, so we need an LCD TV wall mount to make the TV hang on the wall more firmly. The choice of TV wall mount is particularly important. In order to prevent the TV from falling down as soon as it is hung up, it is necessary to understand the installation method of LCD TV wall mount. So let me take you to know what the relevant knowledge is.

Installation method of LCD TV wall mount

1. Before installing the custom made tv wall mount wholesale, carefully check the bearing capacity of the wall. The interior walls of the compartments in many rooms are all hollow. The wall mounted TV can't be installed at all. So you can only place the LCD TV on the cabinet. The load-bearing capacity of the installation wall shall not be less than 4 times of the actual load-bearing capacity of the LCD TV. And when the TV is tilted back and forth by 10 degrees after installation, the TV shall not fall over.

2. The installation environment is also very important. First of all, let's check the indoor humidity. No matter what brand of LCD TV is, it can't be in a humid environment for a long time. Because many LCD TVs don't have waterproof protection, the internal circuit board of the heat dissipation grid will be in direct contact with the outside air, and the installation position of LCD TV too close to the humidity will damage the machine; In addition to air humidity, we should also look at the installation position of LCD TV wall mount. Generally speaking, the distance to watch TV should be at least 3-5 times of the diagonal distance of the display screen.

3. It is very important to choose and buy the wall mounted bracket. We all know that the LCD TV is much lighter than the traditional one. However, if it is not installed properly, it is still likely to fall from the rear wall, and the consequences are very serious. When choosing tv wall mount china, we should choose appropriate wall hanging bracket, and its strength and durability should be guaranteed.

Precautions for installation of LCD TV wall mount

1. Selection of location: when installing the TV rack, first select the installation location of the TV to ensure the clarity of the TV. In addition, the walls should be selected carefully. Before installing the TV rack, the bearing capacity of the wall should be carefully checked. Because the interior walls of many rooms are hollow, the installation of wall mounted TV requires the wall. When installing the LCD TV, the weight of the front and rear walls should not be less than 4 times that of the actual LCD TV. And when the TV is tilted back and forth by 10 degrees after installation, the TV shall not fall over. We also provide dvd mount for tv.

2. Selection of location and size: generally, there should be a certain space when installing the TV rack. There should be a heat dissipation space on the back of the TV, up, down, left and right. There should be a distance of at least 15 cm between the TV rack and the TV wall. Otherwise, if the TV is too close to the wall, on the one hand, the heat dissipation effect of the TV is poor, which affects the service life of the TV. On the other hand, the wall is easy to change color and affect the beauty due to the baking of the TV heat dissipation for a long time. 

3. Wiring treatment: all kinds of wire interfaces of TV installation rack shall not conflict with the wall or be too bent. Generally, the wire should be placed behind the TV.

4. Different walls require different methods: TV hangers need to be classified according to the type of wall, and different installation methods should be used for different walls. If the ordinary brick wall needs to install the LCD TV hanger, it only needs to punch holes on the wall with an impact drill, then plug in the plastic expansion pipe, fix the LCD TV wall mount with screws, and hang the LCD TV.