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Materials and Selection Analysis of Monitor Holders

Ⅰ. The material of the monitor mount

Display stand materials are usually mainly aluminum alloy, carbon steel and plastic three. Carbon steel is the best material, durable and the most expensive. Aluminum alloy materials are relatively popular, and most brackets on the market are made of aluminum alloys, which are very cost-effective. Plastic materials are the cheapest, but have a relatively short service life. Personally, it is not recommended to buy plastic materials.

When choosing the material of custom monitor arm, if you want to get the ultimate experience without considering the budget, it is recommended to choose aluminum alloy or carbon steel material, which is more cost-effective.

Ⅱ. How to choose a monitor mount?

Since we have types of tv and dvd wall mount for sale, we would like to share with you information related.

1. Pay attention to the VESA hole on the back of the monitor

The mainstream monitors on the market basically use the international standard VESA hole size ( 75*75 or 100*100 ), which can be well adapted and installed under normal circumstances. There are also a small number of monitors where the VESA hole is hidden, and the cover panel needs to be removed to see it.

In addition to the above two situations, there are very few display manufacturers who do not follow common sense and simply do not leave VESA holes and can only use their original brackets. How to solve this situation?

Don't worry, for the case where there is no VESA hole, you only need to purchase a non-hole accessory separately and use it with the bracket.

2. Pay attention to the size and weight of the monitor

As a responsible tv wall mount bracket manufacturer, we remind you that before buying a monitor mount, we must first understand the size of our monitor, because a large-sized monitor will have a certain impact on the use process. For example, a large-sized monitor may touch the desktop when switching between horizontal and vertical screens. This is not the case with a monitor that fits perfectly.

The second is the weight of the monitor. We should consider whether the weight of the monitor is within the weight range of the monitor mount. If the monitor mount is not strong enough to support the weight of the monitor, it will be countersunk or locked.

3. Pay attention to the thickness of the desktop

The mainstream installation method of the current monitor bracket is the table clip type, so the thickness of the desktop is also an object that needs to be paid attention to. The thickness range of the table edge of the conventional bracket is 10-100mm, but there are certain differences in the range value depending on the brand of the bracket.

4. Pay attention to the adjustable angle of the monitor mount

The adjustment angle of each monitor mount is different, even of the same brand. Before purchasing a stent, it is recommended to understand your own needs and avoid buying products that do not meet your ideals.