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Precautions for Installing TV Mounts and Selection of Suitable Models

Ⅰ. Precautions for installing TV mounts

Nowadays, TV sets are directly hung on the wall, so TV mounts are always used. In this way, when the TV is directly on the wall, space can be saved to a large extent, and the scope of realization is also relatively wide, but the TV They are all hung directly on the wall, and there is no place to place them, so you must pay attention when installing the TV mount!

1. Select the installation location

When installing the TV stand, first choose where to install the TV to ensure the clarity of the TV. This is the standard for visual level after sitting down.

2. Location and size selection

Usually, a TV stand must have a certain amount of space during installation. There is a heat dissipation space on the back of the TV, and the distance between the TV rack and the TV wall is at least 15 cm.

3. Wiring processing

The various line interfaces of the television mount should not be lower than the touch wall and should not be too bent. You need to put the cord behind the TV.

Ⅱ. Choose the appropriate model for the TV mount

The TV stand is a new type of product, which comes with the birth of LCD TV. When we want to watch TV in the living room and bedroom, we can use the TV stand to satisfy our thoughts.

TV bracket manufacturers remind everyone that there are various brands, shapes and sizes of TV sets on the market. These TV sets with different shapes and sizes have different weights and need different hangers to support them when they are hung on the wall.

When buying a mobile floor stand for TV, we need to choose according to the model of the TV, not blindly, nor arbitrarily choose according to our own preferences, so it is easy to buy inappropriate hanging brackets, unable to bear the weight of the TV, resulting in good hanging The TV set is dropped, causing you unnecessary losses. Also we can provide DVD wall mount behind tv for customers.

How to choose the corresponding model of TV stand according to the TV? If there is a random attached hanger, you can use it directly, no additional purchase is required, and the one given by the merchant is usually the appropriate model; if the merchant does not give it, then you need to explain your TV brand and model to the hanger manufacturer , weight, etc., the merchant will recommend a suitable hanger for you according to your TV situation, so as to prevent you from purchasing an unsuitable hanger.

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