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Reasons for Rapid Development of TV Support Industry

Rising living standard of people has resulted in increased demand for TV mounts. The developing economies across the globe including India, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, as well as several Southeast Asian economies are noticing a significant increase in their GDP resulting in increased per capita income of the people.

As a TV mount supplier, we notice that this has led to rising affordability of people residing in these countries to purchase LCD, LED, or OLED TVs by replacing them with old CRT TVs, this is likely to drive the growth of TV mount market. Furthermore, the growth in developed economies such as the U.S. and Canada has also been witnessed. This growth is attributed to the surge in demand for upgrade the TV screen size with the bigger ones or with high resolution. The availability of internet at cheap rates in some countries such as India has seen a sharp rise in the demand for smart TVs. The proliferation of online streaming services in developing and developed countries has further fuelled the demand for smart TVs and TV accessories around the world, which in turn is influencing the TV mount market.

Growth of both residential as well as commercial construction sector in the APAC region is providing prospective opportunities to the TV mount market. Governments of several developing economies in the Asia Pacific are taking initiatives for attracting FDIs and entering PPPs for their country’s infrastructural development.

These infrastructural developments comprise of construction of several hotels, educational institutions, hospitals, commercial buildings, railways and airports among others. The construction of these commercial structures will further result in installations of TVs thus, propelling the growth of TV mounts market. Also as a video wall mount manufacturer, we are confident in the future development.

For instance, installations of TVs in the lounges of airports. Additionally, with the constantly growing population of these countries, there is an increased demand for residential construction. And dvd wall hanger is popular among customers.

The development of overall construction sector is anticipated to positively impact TV mount market. Also, attributed to the increasing urbanization the commercial construction is anticipated to grow along with residential construction, has put positive impact in the growth of the TV mount market.