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Requirements and Common Sense of TV Mounts Installation Environment

1. Requirements for the installation environment of TV mounts

TV mounts are used in many places. When you want the TV to move freely, you need to use a TV mount to meet your needs. There are also certain requirements for the environment when installing TV mounts.

The rotating TV mount is a popular style in home decoration at present. After purchasing a suitable TV mount, the installation environment needs to be considered in the installation.

Humidity and signal interference are both installation environmental factors. Whether it is an LCD TV or an old-fashioned color TV, it cannot be placed in a humid environment for a long time, and the TV stand does not have waterproof protection. The circuit board inside the heat dissipation grid is in contact with the outside air, and it will be damp for a long time. This damp position is very It is easy to affect the life of the LCD TV. Therefore, pay attention to the distance between the TV and the heat dissipation grid during installation to prevent the LCD TV from being damaged by moisture.

The LCD TV is hung on the TV mount, and it is necessary to avoid the influence of strong electricity and strong electromagnetic field objects, such as radio radios, induction cookers, etc., should be kept away from the TV mount and LCD TV, and large appliances should not be placed next to the LCD TV. , as well as audio, etc., so as to avoid signal interference affecting the viewing effect.

2. The installation common sense of TV mounts

TV mounts are encountered in our lives, so many people have such questions, is it difficult to install TV mounts? If you want to know the common sense of TV mounts, as a preferred tv mount supplier, CNXD provides some tips for you.

The installation of wall-mounted TVs has strict requirements on the firmness of the wall. LCD TVs need to be wall-mounted, and the wall must be solid brick, concrete or an installation surface equivalent to its strength. The bearing capacity of the installation surface should be guaranteed not to be less than 4 times the actual load capacity of the TV, and the TV should not tip over when it is tilted forward and backward by 10 degrees after installation. We have services including custom tv mounts.

Signal interference: Although the LCD TV is hung on the wall, it is still necessary to avoid the influence of strong electricity and objects with strong electromagnetic fields. Electrical appliances that can be moved at will, such as induction cookers and radios, should be kept away from the TV as much as possible, and other large home appliances should not be arranged to place near the TV. As a video wall mount manufacturer, we can provide satisfying products.

Humidity: In fact, as a household appliance, whether it is an old color TV or a current LCD TV, it is not suitable to be in a humid environment for a long time. Since many LCD TVs do not have waterproof protection, the internal circuit board of the heat dissipation grid will be in direct contact with the outside air. If the LCD TV is installed too close to the moisture, it will damage the machine.