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The Core Technology and Classification of Monitor Holders

Ⅰ. The working principle of the monitor mount

The monitor mount is mainly composed of an upper support arm, a lower support arm, a monitor connector and a desktop clamp. The most important core lifting components are in the upper support arm, which supports the display through the deformation of the spring or air rod structure in the upper arm.

Compared with the original base, the advantages of the monitor mount are not too many. It can be stretched back and forth, hover at any height, and rotate the screen 360 °, which can better maintain the visual distance. At the same time, it does not occupy desktop space, is easy to take care of the desktop, and supports the combined use of multiple monitors. It is simply an artifact for our designers and programmers.

Ⅱ. The core technology of the monitor mount

There are two main types of monitor holders on the market : gas spring type and mechanical spring type.

The gas spring type monitor arms wholesale has better controllability and is very smooth to use, but the service life is shorter than that of the mechanical spring type, because the gas spring will cause the airtightness to become worse and worse with the long-term use, thus affecting the service life.

The warranty period of most of the gas spring type monitor holders on the market is 3 to 5 years, and the warranty period of the mechanical spring type is basically about 10 years, which is why the price of the mechanical spring type monitor mount is higher than that of the gas spring type.

When it comes to the mechanical spring principle, we have to mention " CF (constant force) lifting and rotating technology", which not only conforms to the ergonomic principle, but also is very flexible and convenient to adjust, and only needs a small amount of force to complete the adjustment. It can be said to be a cross-generational innovation.

Ⅲ. The classification of monitor mount

According to the number of bracket arms, monitor brackets can be divided into single-screen brackets, dual-screen brackets and multi-screen brackets. And if you are interested in it, we also can custom tv mounts as your requirement.

It can also be divided into four types: table clip type, keyhole type, wall-mounted type and table-mounted type according to the installation method. We also have dvd mount for tv.

1. Desk clip type: Clamp the bracket base and the edge of the desktop to fix it.

2. Perforated type: Punch holes on the desktop to lock the bracket and the bottom plate of the desktop.

3. Wall-mounted type: It is installed on the wall or solid wood wall and does not occupy the desktop space. There are many LCD TVs at home using this type of bracket.

4. Desktop type: Like the original bracket, it can be placed directly on the desktop, the difference is that there is a separately designed bracket arm to adjust the angle and rotate the screen.

The monitor mount will place two types of mounting accessories, the table clip type and the perforated type, in the accessories, which can be selectively installed according to the desktop situation during installation. The minimalist table can be fitted with a clip-on table. Old-fashioned desks (with reserved holes) can be perforated. If you have special needs, look at table and custom made wall mounts.