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The Introduction and Different Classification Types of TV Mounts?

TV mount is a support that hangs TV on the wall, which can not only save living room space, adjust TV direction, and improve user viewing experience, but also enhance the overall aesthetic effect of the living room, and thus upgrade the family's specifications. There are mainly three types of TV mounts: retractable, hanging, and wall-mounted, which are suitable for family living rooms, bedrooms, offices, conference rooms, exhibition halls, hotels, airports, train stations, hospitals, bus stations, shopping centers, and other places. To meet the habits of all users, let's take a look at the TV mount!

What is a TV mount?

A TV mount is a peripheral device around the TV which is designed to hang flat-screen and LCD TVs on the wall. The TV mount can freely adjust the up and down tilting, left and right tilting, and stretching, which can relieve neck pressure, hide various cables to increase overall beauty, and is easy to install, stable, and durable, ultimately reducing the TV cabinet and increasing the overall level of the living room.

Friends who often watch TV may experience some problems, such as the reflection of sunlight affecting viewing experience in the living room, neck fatigue and uncomfortable eyes when watching TV for a long time, inconvenient viewing during eating, etc.

To meet the various needs of users, the TV mount was born and slowly integrated into every family, becoming a necessary item in each family. Some of customers want to know about wall mounted dvd player shelf.

Types of TV mounts

For the types of wholesale TV mounts, the wall-mounted TV mount saves space and enjoys high-quality viewing effects. What are the main types of TV mounts?

Ordinary mount

This kind of mount is the basic version of the TV frame. Its main function is to hang the TV frame on the background wall. This type of TV frame is usually thin and has a relatively small load-bearing capacity, but the requirements for the wall and load-bearing wall are not high. If you want to gain some information about video secure tv mount, you can contact us.

Cantilever mount

This kind of mount is one of the multi-functional TV rack products. It is composed of a cantilever (mount arm) and can adjust the angle freely, tilt or incline, to meet the viewing experience of most users and enjoy comfortable viewing. However, this TV mount also has disadvantages, that is, it is relatively demanding on the wall, that is, load-bearing walls, otherwise, it may not be able to install this multi-functional wall-mounted rack.

Professional mount

Ordinary cantilever mounts can generally only adjust the up and down angles. However, professional functional level TV mounts can realize the left and right angle adjustment function, up and down tilting adjustment, stretching and pulling adjustment, and various " tricky" angle viewing, allowing us to have excellent viewing experience whether we sit, lie or lean back.

The TV fixed on the desktop restricts the viewing angle, which is inconvenient for us to watch. However, when the TV has a mount, it gets rid of the shackles and becomes free. It is not only convenient for viewing, but also can adjust the distance between the TV and the wall to prevent the TV from being damaged in humid season.