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TV Mount Buying Guide

TV on the wall is not only atmospheric, but also saves part of the living room space, and TV on the wall also makes the whole living room more layered. Families with children don't have to worry about accidents caused by the dumping of TV, and safety is more guaranteed. However, at present, there are many kinds of TV racks on the market, and the quality is also mixed. How to choose? Today, I'll bring you a TV mount buying guide.

1. Confirm the installation environment before purchasing the TV mount

Ordinary wall: load-bearing walls with equivalent strength such as cement wall, concrete and solid brick can generally use TV hanger.

Special wall: marble, glass wall, porcelain chip, ceramic tile wall, gypsum board, hollow brick, veneer and other non load-bearing installation walls can be embedded or use TV mobile mount. Customers also like dvd wall mount behind tv.

2. Confirm the distance among installation holes and the load of TV hanger

The standard is four holes, which can be purchased directly according to the hole spacing parameters of different types of tv brackets. Four hole and two hole TVs with lower hole spacing are relatively special.

3. Determine your needs for TV mount

TV hangers are divided into five categories: rotating multi-function mount, fixed hanger, air spring mount, ceiling mount and mobile floor mount. And we also provide video secure tv mount for sale.

4. Good TV racks generally have safety certification marks

it should have UL fourfold load-bearing safety certification in the United States or GS threefold load-bearing safety certification in Germany.