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TV Wall Mounting Skills

As the absolute main force in the current TV market, flat-panel TVs have already become the first choice for household TVs, and their sizes are getting larger and cheaper. Large-sized flat-screen TVs have entered our living rooms or bedrooms. At this time, if a flat-panel TV can be properly installed on the wall, it will not only save space, but also become an ornament to embellish the individual space. Contact CNXD, one of the preferred TV wall mount bracket manufacturer, for the TV brackets wholesale price.

In the flat-panel TV market in the current market, although the merchants are often responsible for the installation, they are all very common installations. If consumers first have enough understanding of TV installation, they can not only play a role in third-party installation. The role of supervision can also generate more personalized installation methods. Wall-mounting flat-panel TVs involves many aspects, such as the installation environment, location, load-bearing brackets, load-bearing walls, etc. Next, let's take a look at the skills of flat-panel television wall mount.

Ⅰ. The load-bearing wall for television wall mount installation

First of all, we need to consider the cement structure of our house. The flat-panel TV needs to be installed on the wall. The wall surface must be solid brick, concrete or an installation surface with equivalent strength. The bearing capacity of the installation surface should not be lower than the actual load capacity of the TV. 4 times, the TV should not topple over when it is tilted 10 degrees back and forth after installation. If you are interested in dvd bracket for wall mount, you can contact us.

Ⅱ. The installation environment of the television wall mount

1. Humidity

Household appliances should not be placed in a humid environment for a long time, especially for flat-panel TVs. If the flat-panel TV is installed too close to moisture, it will damage the machine. For example, in interior decoration, some friends like to design water curtain walls at home. If the flat-screen TV is hung next to or behind the water curtain wall, the moisture brought by this will seriously affect the safety and service life of electrical appliances.

In addition, it is not good if too many plants are placed next to the TV, and direct sunlight should be avoided on the flat-screen TV.

2. Signal interference

Try to avoid the influence of strong electricity and strong electromagnetic field objects, such as induction cooker, radio and other electrical appliances that can be moved freely should be as far away from the TV as possible, and other large household appliances should not be placed near the TV. The installation of the audio system should also try not to be too close to the flat-panel TV mounted on the TV wall, so as to prevent the signals from interfering with each other and affecting the viewing effect.

3. Installation location

Some may also want to purchase dvd wall stand too. The viewing distance should be at least 3~5 times of the diagonal distance of the display screen. The installation height is suitable for the viewer to sit on the sofa and look at the center of the TV or slightly below. If you choose television wall mount in the bedroom, then it depends on your main habit of watching TV, sitting or lying down.