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Wall-mounted TV Hanging Rack Selection and Installation

When decorating their living rooms or bedrooms, many consumers nowadays choose the latest LCD TVs with reliable design styles and stable materials. Moreover, we usually mount the LCD TVs on the wall, which can effectively save space and make the overall effect more beautiful. Today, we will explain the steps and operation instructions for hanging an LCD TV on the wall, and interested friends can read on to learn about the corresponding procedures and some details to pay attention to.

Choosing a TV hanging rack for wall hanging

Although flat-screen TVs are becoming lighter and lighter, the quality of the bracket is still critical to ensure that the TV can be hung on the wall firmly and will not fall off for a long time.

TV hanging racks can generally be divided into adjustable angle brackets and fixed angle brackets.

1. Adjustable angle brackets can be adjusted and stretched up, down, left, and right to change the viewing angle.

2. The fixed-angle bracket is a bracket with a fixed angle after installation.

If the materials are the same, the adjustable bracket is generally more expensive than the fixed-angle bracket. Owners can choose according to their own needs and economic capacity.

The price of a good wall-mounted TV hanging rack is usually several hundred yuan, while the price of a low-quality bracket can range from tens of yuan. To ensure the safety of wall-mounted TVs, it is recommended not to choose products with poor quality just to save money when choosing brackets.

Reinforcement methods for wall-mounted TV hanging rack installation

If the installation surface does not meet the requirements, corresponding reinforcement and support measures need to be taken. Specifically, reinforcement is mainly for the local wall of the wall-mounted TV to increase the local load-bearing capacity.

The methods for reinforcing the wall-mounted TV hanging rack installation surface are:

1. Open the wall and locally pour concrete;

2. Add board materials with good nail gripping force, such as particleboard, on both sides of the local wall as support.

In addition, steel structures can also be used for local reinforcement. In short, there are many methods for wall reinforcement, and the most suitable one can be chosen according to the actual situation.

In general, when we talk about hanging LCD TVs on the wall, we mean the operation and installation steps of wall-mounted TVs. Therefore, when choosing wall-mounted TVs, we should first try to choose LCD TVs that are relatively lightweight and not too heavy. Next, we should choose reliable accessories to securely install them on the wall, so as to avoid any trouble with repairs and installation caused by instability later on.