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What Are the Installation Skills of Different Types of Wall TV Mounts?

TV mounts are generally installed by families with flat-screen TVs. TV mounts are TV peripherals specially developed for flat-panel TVs and LCD TVs to be hung on the wall. The types of walls are mainly divided into brick walls, wooden walls, decorative walls, glass walls, and marble walls. These walls have strict requirements on the size and spacing of screw holes. When installing a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, users should pay attention to different installation techniques according to different types of walls.

1. The TV mount is installed on the ordinary brick wall

No special tools and techniques are required for installation, just punch holes in the wall with an impact drill, screw on, and hang the TV.

2. The TV mount is installed on the board wall

We can provide you with different types of tv mounts. Board walls are divided into solid wood planks and gypsum board walls. As long as the solid wood board is 2cm thick, use the self-tapping screw to directly fill the ring. If it is a gypsum board wall, you need to select the positioning point, first use a utility knife to drill a hole in the center of the hanging point ( with the size that your fingers can enter ) , and then put a 2cm thick piece on the upper hole on the hanger Long wooden slats make the self-tapping screws pass through the gypsum board and enter the wooden slats during self-tapping, so that the force-bearing area is increased.

3. The TV mount is installed on the marble wall

As we dealing with China tv stand, friends who need to buy a TV stand, are welcome to contact us. Marble walls are divided into solid marble and patterned marble. For the overall marble slab, glass drills should be used. When using a glass drill, it is necessary to water the glass drill bit while drilling, so as not to burn the glass drill bit.

If the glass drill is really difficult to drill through the wall, an impact drill can be used when the drill is halfway through, but the impact drill must be placed on the electric drill block, otherwise, the marble will be cracked. After the holes are made, the expansion screws can be installed until they are tightened. For marble with patterns, be extra careful when drilling, because marble with patterns has lines on it, and a slightly larger vibration force will cause cracks to expand.

4. The TV mount is installed on the glass wall

Behind the glass walls are brick and board walls. If there is a brick wall behind the glass wall, after selecting the position, first use the glass drill to drill, and also need to pour water to the glass drill while drilling. The selected glass drill bit must be larger than the impact drill bit for the brick wall, and the glass hole must be drilled well. After that, drill the inside brick wall with a hammer drill. And sometimes customers are interested in DVD player holder for wall.

In order to prevent the glass from being crushed when screwing on, it is best to use a screw with a large expansion tube as a filler ring. The thickness of the filling ring can be selected to be slightly thicker than the glass, and then tighten the screws. If there is a wall behind the glass plate, you only need to drill the glass hole with a glass drill. The glass hole should be slightly larger. After drilling the hole, you can put the filling ring, and then self-tapping with self-tapping screws. The self-tapping screws used must be A little longer than the thickness of the glass + the thickness of the board.

The above are the installation skills of different types of wall TV mounts for you.