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What Are the Types of Wall Brackets for TV?

Nowadays, TV can not be seen only at home. Mobile TV can also be seen outdoors. Large and small TV can be directly hung on the airport, bus and subway without other support. Just a simple wall bracket for TV can fix the it firmly! Next, let's learn about the types of wall brackets for TV from China leading TV bracket manufacturer!

Fixed hanger: this is the earliest TV hanger style. After selecting the hanging position of the TV, install the TV bracket on the wall, and then fix the TV on the hanger, then it can work. It can make the TV firmly fixed on the wall, and the installation is very simple. And if you may have interest, we also provide dvd wall mounts.

Elevation hanger: the elevation hanger will not hang the TV straight, and the slightly downward angle provides a better viewing effect. This TV bracket is very suitable for use in the bedroom. Lying in bed watching TV, which is one of the most popular way among different types of tv wall brackets, the angle position is just right.

Swing arm hanger: as we all know, the best viewing angle of LCD screen has only one position. When you sit in other positions, the screen will appear dark and unclear. The design of swing arm hanger can control the hanging position of TV through remote control. It is not a problem to turn left and right and move back and forth. It is no longer that people move along the TV position, but that TV changes with people's position.

TV hanger: the TV hanger can place the wall mounted TV in a relatively high position and allow more people to see the TV. It is suitable for canteens, shopping malls, railway stations and other occasions. Our business includes tilt tv wall mounts wholesale.

Floor push frame: how to install wall mounted TV if you don't want to damage the wall? Use a Floor wheeled TV bracket. It is a movable platform for placing TV sets. It also combines the functions of TV cabinets and has strong practicability.