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What is a TV Mount? What are the Classifications?

The TV frame is a hanging type TV mount, which not only saves the total indoor space of the living room, adjusts the TV angle, improves the customer's viewing experience, but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the living room, and enhances the decoration standard of the home.

TV mounts mainly include three types: telescopic, hanging, and wall-mounted. They are suitable for places such as family living rooms, bedrooms, company offices, large conference rooms, exhibition halls, hotel restaurants, airports, bus stations, hospital clinics, bus stops, shopping centers, etc. In order to meet customers' usage habits, we introduce three different TV mounts for everyone.

General support frame TV mounts

This support frame is the basic version of the TV frame. Its basic function is to place the TV frame on the background wall. This type of TV mounts is generally very thin, with a small load-bearing capacity, and low requirements for the wall and load-bearing beams.

Cantilever TV mount

This support frame is one of the multi-purpose Television mounts products. It is made up of a cantilever (supporting arm) and can adjust the viewing angle, tilt or tilt to adapt to the viewing experience of most customers and enjoy a comfortable online movie experience.

However, this type of Television mounts also has its drawbacks, that is, it has high requirements for the wall, especially the load-bearing beam. Otherwise, this type of multi-purpose wall mount cannot be installed.

Technically Professional Support TV mounts

The general cantilever TV mounts can only adjust the left and right viewing angles. However, a technically professional TV mounts can achieve height adjustment of the TV, left and right deviation adjustment, telescopic sliding door adjustment, and various functions. No matter if you are sitting, lying down, or gazing from a specific angle, we can have a good viewing experience.

Desktop-fixed TV limits the angle of the TV, which is inconvenient for everyone to watch. However, when there is a support frame, it eliminates restrictions and provides freedom. It is not only very easy to watch, but also can adjust the distance between the TV and the wall during wet and cold seasons to avoid damage to the TV.

We have detailed introduction of what is called a TV mount and the types of TV mounts. When purchasing, you can choose a suitable TV mount based on the size of the home TV, home needs, the viewing distance between the fabric sofa and the TV, and the cost budget.