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What Problems Can Arise When Installing Mounts?

Friends who are buying TV mounts may be concerned about this issue before and after the purchase, afraid of buying the wrong one, or that the TV does not match, or the installation is not good, and so on. Today, we would like to share with you some of the problems and solutions that you may encounter when installing a television mount.

How high should the television mount be?

The installation height of the living room TV is generally 1.3 meters, which is one-third of the entire TV background wall. When you sit on the sofa, your eyes can see the center of the TV or slightly downwards.

What are the specifications of the television mount?

Today's TVs are different from the past. They are large in size, small in footprint, and more aesthetically pleasing. However, LCD TVs do not have fixed support points and need to be fixed with brackets.

There are different specifications for TV mounts. Different brackets can help us fix the TV in different ways, including wall-mounted, floor-standing, and rotating brackets, which can meet our different needs.

Can TV mounts be universal?

TV mounts are divided into dedicated brackets and universal brackets. Special brackets can only be installed for specific types of TVs, and universal brackets are also divided into three different sizes. Therefore, whether the television mount is universal depends mainly on the bracket you purchased.

As long as it is within the size range, the universal television mount can be used. The premise is that the distance between the screw holes on the back of the TV for installing the bracket cannot exceed the maximum hole distance of the television mount, so you should choose according to the size of the TV when purchasing.

What are the general dimensions of TV mounts?

In fact, brackets are generally suitable for TVs within a certain range. For example, some TVs can be used between 32 inches and 57 inches. However, you also need to pay attention to the weight of the TV and whether the hole position matches the bracket. The hole position is quite important. Sometimes some TVs spit out behind, which is not usable, so pay attention before buying the bracket.

Is it better for TV mounts to be fixed or adjustable?

In daily use, adjustable TV stands are easier to use than fixed TV stands, mainly because adjustable TV stands are more convenient to use.

Mainly reflects in:

  • After the TV is installed on the fixed wall mount, the TV is not easy to move, and after long use, dust accumulates and is difficult to clean; different adjustable TV wall mounts can pull out the TV, and then it is easy to clean the dust and garbage on the back.

  • Secondly, after the TV is installed on the fixed wall mount, it is difficult to insert wires when the TV needs to be connected to other devices; the adjustable wall mount can easily unplug the TV and then insert the connecting wire, which is very convenient.

  • Regarding the house design of the living room and dining room, when users are dining in the restaurant, due to viewing angle restrictions, fixed TVs cannot see TV pictures; adjustable TVs can adjust the angle at will, so that users can watch TV while dining in the restaurant.

Are there any requirements for the television mount on the wall?

The first condition that must be met when installing a TV wall mount is that it must have a hard and sturdy wall surface so that it can have a certain load-bearing capacity. The wall installed can be a solid brick wall or a concrete wall. If the wall material on which the TV wall mount is installed is poor and needs to be reinforced, you can use some objects to support the wall.

The above are several problems that may arise when we install the television mount. We hope everyone can pay attention to them.