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How to Choose a Television Mount?

Hanging the TV on the wall can not only accept the space but also ensure the appearance, making the whole living room more layered. Families with children do not have to worry about accidents due to the dumping of the TV, and their safety is more guaranteed. However, there are many different types of tv brackets on the market, and the quality is also uneven. How should we choose? Today we will give you a detailed introduction to the television bracket, and choose the following points, so as not to step on the thunder.

Ⅰ. Confirm the installation environment before purchasing the television bracket

1. Ordinary walls: Cement walls, concrete, solid bricks and other load-bearing walls with equivalent strength can generally use TV mounts.

2. Special wall: marble, glass wall, tile, tile wall, gypsum board, hollow brick, veneer and other non-load-bearing installation walls, you can choose the built-in method, or use the TV mobile bracket.

Ⅱ. Confirm the installation hole distance and the television bracket load-bearing

Standard four holes, directly according to the hole spacing parameters of the TV bracket, you can buy it yourself. TVs with four holes and two holes in the lower hole distance are special. Generally, please consult the store clerk or customer service before purchasing the TV bracket.

Ⅲ. The home environment of television bracket installation and its own needs

TV mounts are divided into 5 categories: rotating multi-function brackets, fixed hangers, gas spring brackets, ceiling brackets, and mobile floor brackets.

TV mounts can be purchased and installed according to their different needs. Installation environment: living room, demand: dining room and balcony can also have enough sight distance to watch. And if you want, we also have DVD mount for tv.

Ⅳ. Good TV mounts have safety signs

Ⅴ. Check whether the installation of TV mounts is charged

The above are the key points for the purchase of TV mounts that we have introduced to you. First, we must confirm the installation environment, and secondly, we must confirm the installation hole distance and the load-bearing capacity of the TV hanger, the home environment and our own needs. Pay attention to the safety signs of the television bracket , it is best to ask about the installation cost. If you want to know more information about TV brackets, please pay more attention to us.

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