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How to Choose a TV Hanging Rack?

Nowadays, not only department stores and conference exhibition halls need TV hanging racks, but many families also choose to install TVs on the wall, which not only beautifies the family living room environment, but also further saves the usable area of our audio-visual space. Space is saved and the safety factor of the TV is improved. Perhaps in the future, TV cabinets will slowly fade out of our lives.

However, it should be noted that the fixed bracket looks like a simple superposition of two steel sheets, but it is not without technical content at all. Many people still do not know how to choose a TV mount. Today CNXD will teach you to start from four aspects.

1. The function of the TV hanging rack

In terms of functions, choose a TV mount that suits your needs. According to the survey of the best viewing angle, the TV should not be placed 15 degrees higher than the horizontal line of sight, and the best degree is 5-10 degrees. Therefore, choosing an adjustable TV hanging rack is convenient and hassle-free.

2. The brand of TV hanging rack

At present, there are many brands of TV hanging racks, and the good and the bad are mixed. Many consumers blindly follow the crowd and pursue big foreign brands, but in fact, the material, weight, size and other standards produced by foreign TV hanging rack manufacturers are quite different from those in China, making it difficult to match.

There are currently many brands of TV hanging racks in China, which fully meet everyone's needs. Whether you choose a well-known big brand or a niche brand with high cost performance, there is always a suitable one for you. Also if you may have interest, we also have hanging dvd player shelf for sale.

3. The price of TV hanging rack

The TV hanging rack is very easy to imitate and manufacture in appearance, but there is a great deal of attention to the manufacturing process and selection of materials. Therefore, when choosing a TV hanging rack, don't be greedy for petty and cheap. What's behind the cheap price is not necessarily good quality. You get what you get for every penny. Everyone should keep their eyes open. Welcome to contact us, a preferred TV bracket manufacturer for the price.

4. The quality of the TV hanging rack

Although it is said that you get what you pay for, but we also have to find the best quality at the same price. From the comparison of steel to the small screw and nut, every detail is related to the safety of the future. And if you want to custom TV mounts, you can contact us.

At present, the steel plates used for brackets on the market are usually divided into cold-rolled steel plates and hot-rolled steel plates. Cold rolling is a steel sheet in which the steel sheet is further thinned to a target thickness below the recrystallization temperature under room temperature conditions. Compared with hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel has a more precise thickness, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.